The 2nd Portuguese Young Chemists Meeting - 2PYCheM - will be held at the main auditorium of Universidade de Aveiro.


how to reach Aveiro

The city of Aveiro is strategically located at the centre of Portugal. It is within easy reach from any point in the country, allowing one to quickly access airports, railways and Spain. In the particular case of the University of Aveiro, it is located in the city centre, and is easily accessible from any point in the city, even on foot.

By car:

The city is located 85 km from OPorto and 250 km from Lisbon. Departing from one of these cities, one has direct access to Aveiro through highways A1 or A17.

By train:

When considering travelling by train, the Alfa Pendular and Intercidades OPorto-Aveiro-Lisbon train services are an excellent option. The following map shows the route from the Aveiro railway station to the meeting venue. This route corresponds to a 5 min car/bus travel or a 20 min walk.

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