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Submissão de Resumos e inscrições

Submissão de Resumos até
9 de Março de 2012

Inscrições/pagamento sem agravamento até
14 de Abril de 2012
Encontro 3PYCheM
9-11 de Maio de 2012

Since this meeting is aimed at Portuguese young chemists, the official language of 3PYCheM will be Portuguese.

All written communications (posters, abstracts, oral presentations) must be in English. Any type of oral communications (plenary, invited, oral, flash) can be optionally carried out in English.

Abstract submission will be possible from November 30th 2011 to March 09th 2012. In order to validate the submission it will be necessary that at least one of the authors is registered at the meeting.

Maximum poster dimensions should be 90 x 120 cm (width x height).

Together with the traditional abstract, we ask that all participants submit the highlights of the work. Highlights are a short collection of bullet points that convey the core findings and provide readers with a quick textual overview of the work. These three to five bullet points describe the essence of the research (e.g. results or conclusions) and highlight what is distinctive about it. Each highlight may be accompanied with graphical abstract that will capture the content of the work for readers at a single glance.

Each participant can submit two abstracts, as a maximum.

Templates (.doc): Resumos | Highligths


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