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9 de Março de 2012

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14 de Abril de 2012
Encontro 3PYCheM
9-11 de Maio de 2012

In 2008, the newly created Young Chemists Group, GJQ, of the Portuguese Chemical Society, SPQ, organized the 1PYCheM in Lisbon (IST – Instituto Superior Técnico) which was attended by many young researchers working in Portugal and abroad, as well as several senior researchers. Following this meeting, in 2010 the University of Aveiro hosted the 2PYCheM with great success.

This meeting aims to stimulate the interest of Portuguese young chemists and promote the exchange of ideas among different fields of chemistry. It is intended to give special emphasis to the relation between fundamental scientific research and its industrial applications, motivating the entrepreneurial spirit of the participants. To this end, the 3PYCheM program will include, in addition to the plenary sessions, a set of lectures carried out by young chemist guests, who will also have the opportunity to share their professional career.



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